Q: How lOng does it Take to ship My item?

A: I usually try to get orders out the next day, however if you order late in the evening, i may not see it until the next day.  if your order is going to take longer than that to ship, I generally send an email to let you know.  One exception is the Three Piece Vents, which are made to order and take one week to produce.  Everything ships by USPS First Class mail (1-3 business days).


Q: Do you ship international?

A: Unfortunately at this time I do not ship internationally for regular orders.  Inexpensive shipping options are usually unreliable, and very, very slow.  If you really want one of my products then use the contact link at the bottom of the page to send me a message.  All international orders by request are shipped by USPS Priority international.  Be warned that international shipping is usually more expensive than the items I sell in the shop, with the exception of the vents.  

Q: Do you take requests/Can you make something custom?

A: I do take requests, however I generally only produce products that I think will be popular or there is a decent sized market for.  I also can do custom work, however this depends on how busy I am with other projects and if the custom piece is something within the limits of my machines.  Custom pieces are also considerably more costly as they require a lot of design time and prototyping.  

Q: Can you make ________ wheel for the three piece eyeball vents?

A: I get tons of requests for wheel designs to match the wheels on customers cars.  Unfortunately unless it is a popular or iconic wheel, I generally don't have the time to design them.  Some wheels can be difficult to design, and others can be so detailed that my current printers do not have the resolution to make a satisfactory product.  A good rule for if its possible is: 1) Is it popular/iconic. 2)Is a simple/someone flat design?  Wheels with complex curves in the spokes usually look nice with the way the printers lay down plastic in layers


If you have a question I didn't answer above, use the Contact button below to send me a message.